Payments Pricing, Deposits, & Shipping

Price of Puppies are as noted.

Final payment in full is due before your puppy leaves. No exceptions. We NEVER accept personal checks. Nor do we accept, money orders, traveler’s checks or the sort. U.S. currency is accepted. A receipt for payment will be provided/ included in your puppy’s folder. If a card is accepted the company charges a proccessing fee depending on the amount. This charged is added to the price of the puppy.


Deposits are non refundable. This means a deposit for a puppy will not be refunded "if you change your mind". So, please be sure you would like to have a puppy. If you change your mind for whatever reason, that is,  "your choice". We honor our agreement, and reserve the puppy you requested.

The deposit to reserve your puppy is $500.00. The deposit CAN NOT BE A PERSONAL CHECK, (personal checks are not accepted). When a deposit is made in person, you will receive a receipt. If the deposit is not made/placed in person, you will receive a receipt via email.

The deposit will be returned to the purchaser for the following reasons:

a) the seller decides not to sell the puppy, as it is determined, the welfare of the puppy would not be served.

b) the questionnaire contains false information and/or incomplete information. Or a questionnaire is not completed and submitted

c) any legitimate reason deemed by the seller not to sell the puppy to the buyer.

Other than the above reasons the deposit is nonrefundable.

Your Puppy Is Ready

Picking up your puppy is a very special event. Under no circumstance will a puppy leave before their eight week birthdate. Extended care requested after the puppys eight week birthdate will incur a fee.

Shipping and Delivery

The cost for shipping and handling

We seldom ship puppies. Yet, if it severes the puppy, then the following applies: 

The weight of the puppy and the kennel at the time of departure determines the exact shipping costs by the airline. The weight of a puppy can change daily, as can airlines cost and fees. The handling fee is $250.00. The shipping costs and fees estimate is $300, (which may be subject to change by the airlines). An airline approved kennel/crate for the shipment of your puppy is available. We will train your puppy to be inside the travel crate, as to lesson the stress of travel for the puppy.

The conditions for shipping must be optimal for the puppy. With any form of travel, the puppy’s welfare is our primary concern. When puppy is shipped, we take extra care for the welfare of the puppy. If for any reason the shipping conditions are not optimal for the puppy, the puppy will not be shipped.

Payment is due within two weeks prior to booking the airline flight. In acclimating your puppy to their new kennel, ample time will be required.

When inquiring about shipping please include the names of two major airports in your area.

Upon receipt of payment in full, and before your puppy leaves, your puppy’s folder will be mailed to you. The puppy's folder contains; receipt of payment, copy of health certificate, parents pedigree and so forth. You will receive the package by first class mail with delivery confirmation and/or certified receipt.

Land Travel/ Delivery

The option of land travel arrangements is available. Local delivery or partial delivery is an option. Although, we would prefer that you visit in person, and pick up your puppy. The availability and the cost of land travel are based on several different factors along with your individual’s needs. Please contact us to inquire for the cost of land travel delivery for your puppy.

When your puppy is in route, please stay available by phone before, during and after your puppy starts their journey. When the puppy is traveling by air, arrive early to the airport. It is better and safer for your puppy to have you waiting for them.


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