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Updated: August 2021

Available for Adoption: 




1) Sable Boy w/ Black Mask   

    Name: Count Shrimpie O'Shea

   Age: 11 months

   Up To Date On Medical


   Adoption fee: $2500.

Shrimpie O'Shea is the sweetest little boy. He is on the small side for a male and currently weighs 16lbs. He has a beautiful flashy sable coat, big brown eyes, with distinctive markings on his cute little face.

Shrimpie's personality is that of a pup who is happiest with his person(s). His laid-back, relaxed, temperament, is very peaceful, and having him sit next to you is most enjoyable, also allows you to get work done before cuddle time. Shrimpie likes to sit and gaze into your eyes, watching your every move. He also loves to play patty cakes with his paw and your foot, and give lots of kisses. 




Helping Freinds Place Their Black Labrador 

BLACK LABRADOR Male 5 years old 


2)  This boy is located in Arizona. He needs a proper home suited for a working breed, Labrador.

Black Lab 5 years old. Solomon is happy, smart, and wants to please.

Adoption fee $350.

Please contact for more details. 



No Available Females At This Time  


Adoptee Homes: 

The Perfect Home Would Be: 

  • puppy/dog sleeps in bed/bedroom 
  • cuddle with the pup on the sofa  
  • crate training
  • only pet or fur baby in the home
  • familiar with brachiocephalic breeds 
  • previous experience with bulldogs or have researched the care this breed needs 
  • one stay at home person/parent 
  • adult at home (at least while the puppy is still a baby/introduction period)
  • open to feeding a quality diet that goes beyond dry food in a bag 
  • understand the importance of giving your fur baby supplements such as essential fatty acids & probiotics 




COVID PREPAREDNESS! This is a virus-free household; which follows strict health & safety protocols and procedures.

You can feel secure in knowing health and safety are our foremost concerns.





  • House trained
  • crate trained
  • veterinary/ up to date w/ health checks
  • genetically health tested parents 
  • show quality confirmation
  • ready to bond with a new family.

Loved, doted on, and well socialized for an easy transition.  "God Puts In Extra Sugar When A French Bulldog Is Born!" 
Florida Summers Are To Hot For Us To Have Walks. A Doggy Treadmill in the Air Conditioning Is Just The Answer!
The puppies have benifited from the following course:  "Summer of Socialization Exclusive Course" by Good Dog University Presented by Dr. Gail Walkens PhD.  A course about current science and the approaches to optimize socialization practices to produce behaviorally and emotionally sound dogs. 


The Colors Of French Bulldog:


Bluecoats have a rare diluted black pigment causing the hairs of the coat to appear blue/blue-grey in color. Bluecoats are considered “rare”. The color of the coat alone simply can't affect the health of a dog. The genetic makeup of the dog affects the dog's health.

If you are looking to add a blue-coated FB to your family, find a reputable breeder, who performs genetic health testing. The health of your new baby will depend on their genetic make-up which is inherited from parents. 


Cream and white coat color in French Bulldogs can look pretty similar. Yet, cream FB has an eggshell-like coloring. Whereas the white-coated FB has pink lips and pink eye rims, and cream coats have darker lips and darker eye rims. Both cream and white coat colors of the FB are accepted by the AKC and other kennel clubs. A cream with a chocolate mask tends to have a Carmel cast to the coat.  


A sable coat has black and black-tipped hairs. The rest of the hair shaft may be fawn, red fawn, red, blue, or blue fawn. The amount of black-tipped hairs can depend on the individual dog. The sable coat is definitely rare, beautiful, and luxurious. If your home is a multiple French Bulldog home, consider adding a Sable Coat to your family. Sables are fancy and flashy and a head-turner!


The piebald is not a French Bulldog coat color, it is a Pattern. A Pied Coat Pattern is one that has a pattern of pigmented spots on an unpigmented (white) background of hair/base coat color.        

DNA Tested and Cleared For 

Inherited Disorders, CM 

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (0FA)

Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER)   


Article/ info how identify a good breeder:


Monarchy’s Finest is devoted to producing only the most exceptional American Kennel Club Registered French Bulldogs. Our Frenchies embody the breed’s true style: small and muscular with a heavy bone structure, smooth coat, flat face, and the trademark "bat" ears. They are active and alert with affectionate natures and even dispositions. They are instinctively vigilant and will alert you if they perceive any danger or abnormal circumstances in their environment. Our French Bulldogs are affectionate, reliable, and intelligent companions with a genuine eagerness to please. All of our puppies are raised inside our home as part of the family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

"A Well-Bred French Bulldog Isn’t Expensive… It’s Priceless!”

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Tampa, Florida

Delivery Available by Personal Pet Nanny

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