French Bulldogs  July 2022

Puppies Available :


Available Males:


  • Name: Polar Boy
  • Coat Color: Cream 
  • Eye Color: Ice Blue
  • Gender: Male 
  • Age: 7 weeks 

    Available Female:


1) Chloe baby Cream Coat girl 

She has a relaxed, docile, laid-back temperament, he is also quiet with a calm demeanor and a steady composure. She has a gorgeous rare light coat color and beautiful baby blue eyes. She is super sweet and loves her cuddle time.
Small chips & yips are how she likes to communicate.     

  • Types of Homes:
    she would do well with a single stay-at-home person, a couple, a family with children, or other well-behaved pets. She would also be good for a first-time French Bulldog pet owner.

2). Girl        AVAILABLE 

  • Name: Iris 
  • Coat Color: Blue 
  • Eye Color: Blue- Green
  • Gender: Male


is a gentle, sweet, and loving enjoys being held and receiving lots of cuddle time, accompanied by sweet whispers in cute bat ears. When you are petting this little guy, coat feels like a cashmere sweater! 

  • Types of Homes: This even-tempered girl would do well with a family, well-behaved respectful children, a couple, a stay-at-home single person, and other fur babies. She would also be good for a first-time French Bulldog pet owner.

    3). Blue Girl




Chocolate Male       AVAILABLE

  • Name: Duke of Cadbury
  • Coat Color: Chocolate
  • Eye Color: Amber-Light Brown  
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 months
  • Location: Tampa, Fl.


This baby boy has a gorgeous deep chocolate coat with beautiful amber color eyes. This chubby little boy is soft & sweet like a box of chocolates. With a gentle relaxed laid back demeanor, he would rather be an observer than a participant. He is calm and loving; an excellent cuddler who is most content sitting in your lap while watching a good movie. He enjoys learning new things and playtime with his toys.

  • Types of Homes: he would do well with other dogs or cats. Yet, not too many because cuddle-time is a necessity for him. He would be a good choice for a first-time French Bulldog pet owner.

Available Females:

1). Cream Pied Female  Reserved  

  • Name: "Cream Puff"
  • Coat Color: Cream Pied
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 


Iris is a petite chubby little baby girl. Her coat color is blue. Her small broadhead Her size is not a reflection of her personality. She has a big heart and is gentle. Yet, puts her paw down when her brother plays to ruff and she has had enough.

  • Types of Homes: this little girl will do well with first-time Frenchy owners, single person or couples, a family with older children; she would do well with other pets.

2) Blue Female  

  • Name:
  • Coat Color: Blue
  • Gender: Female

She is sweet and inquisitive, Little Blueberry is always the first to try something new. She has the well know and rare French Bulldog mannerism of making the adorable “o” shape with her mouth. She does this when you pick her up, look in her eyes, and speak sweetly to her. She hoops like a bunny and loves to play before nap time. Little Blueberry’s blue coat is unique. Her coat color is a deep indigo blue (not grayish blue) with golden flexes of chocolate with a luxurious white chest.

  • Types of Homes: 
  • She may do well with other pets (large or small), respectfully children, a single person, or a couple. Ideally, a home where someone is there to keep her company.

The puppies are from a series of small adults over many generations; this has produced beautiful, petite, sit-in-your-lap, quality AKC Mini French Bulldog puppies.
Our goal is to keep the body small, compact, and muscular with a well-developed square head, well defunded ears, heavy bone structure, cute wrinkles (single rope). 

Therefore, after 4 generations of selectively choosing petite females together with small sires (under 20lbs), we have been able to consistently produce French Bulldog puppies that tend to be on the smaller side, without compromising the structure of the blockhead, and well-shaped bat ears; which can sometimes happen in the smaller French bulldogs.

“Enjoy your new baby as it is meant to be… a lapdog”.

The dam: Blue Fawn w/ Blue Mask, 15lbs.
 (pics on our site of a Blue Fawn Male w/ black mask, and a Blue Fawn Male w/ blue mask for an example of how the different colored masks look.) 
The sire: dark Lilac Coat,  maskless, 19lbs. 


Local Families:

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  • review pictures and video
  • phone call appointment

Long-Distance Families:

  • complete and submit a questionnaire
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  • phone call appointment

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Updated: March 2022

Blue Fawn Dam 16lbs 3rd generation                                        

        Lilac Sire  18lbs.

2nd Generation Grandmother  18lbs                                                 


 1st Generation Great Granddam 17lbs      



The Perfect Home For Our Puppies Would Be: 

  • puppy sleeps in bed/bedroom 
  • cuddle with the pup on the sofa  
  • crate training
  • only pet in the home or one (1) of two (2) pets in the home
  • familiar with brachiocephalic breeds 
  • previous experience with bulldogs or have researched the care this breed needs 
  • one stay at home person/parent 
  • adult at home (at least while the puppy is still a baby/introduction period)
  • open to feeding a quality diet that goes beyond dry food in a bag 
  • understand the importance of giving your fur baby supplements such as essential fatty acids & probiotics 


Baylee a Cream (Dam) & Francesca a Blue Fawn (Dam) sire is a Lilac 


                                                                Sire of the Dams


COVID PREPAREDNESS! This is a virus-free household. Which follows strict health & safety protocols and procedures.

You can feel secure in knowing health and safety are our foremost concerns.




Loved, doted on, and well socialized for an easy transition.  "God Sprinkles Extra Sugar When A French Bulldog Is Born!" 
Florida Summers Are Hot For Us.  A Doggy Treadmill in the Air Conditioning Is Just The Answer!
The puppies have benifited from the following course:  "Summer of Socialization Exclusive Course" by Good Dog University Presented by Dr. Gail Walkens PhD.  A course about current science and the approaches to optimize socialization practices to produce behaviorally and emotionally sound dogs. 
The Finest French Bulldogs we are devoted to producing exceptional American Kennel Club Registered French Bulldogs. Our Frenchies embody the breed’s true style: small and muscular with heavy bone structure, smooth coat, flat face, and the trademark "bat" ears.

DNA Tested and Cleared For 

Inherited Disorders, CM 

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (0FA)

Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER)   


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Monarchy’s Finest is devoted to producing only the most exceptional American Kennel Club Registered French Bulldogs. Our Frenchies embody the breed’s true style: small and muscular with a heavy bone structure, smooth coat, flat face, and the trademark "bat" ears. They are active and alert with affectionate natures and even dispositions. They are instinctively vigilant and will alert you if they perceive any danger or abnormal circumstances in their environment. Our French Bulldogs are affectionate, reliable, and intelligent companions with a genuine eagerness to please. All of our puppies are raised inside our home as part of the family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

"A Well-Bred French Bulldog Isn’t Expensive… It’s Priceless!”

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